Minhaz Uddin Ahmed, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Senior Assistant Professor of Anal. Chem. and Biotechnology
Associate Editor, RSC Advances (Journal), UK
Ph.D.: JAIST/Osaka University, Japan.

Post Doctoral Fellow:
Osaka University:  Japan
Duke University:  USA 
INRS-EMT: Canada

ORCID  Google Scholar  UBD Expert Publons Scopus

Co -Researchers: Dr. Ibrahim Abd Rahim,  Prof. David Koh, Dr. Lim Lee Hoon, Dr. Natasha Keasberry, Dr. Faizah Naim, Dr Ya Chee and Dr Hanif

Students and Staffs || Ph.D. Students

Juthi Adhikari (D2)
B.Sc. Genetic Engineering and Biotech., (MBSTU, Bangladesh)M.Sc. Genetic Engineering and Biotech., (MBSTU, Bangladesh)
Research: Early Detection of biomarkers for clinical diagnostics

Chitra Padmakumari Kurup (D1)

B.Sc. Bharathiar University, India
M.Sc. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India

Research: Nanoscaled aptasensors


 Students and Staffs || M.Sc. Students

Nura Fazirah (M2)
BSc: Chemistry (Universiti Brunei Darussalam)

Research:  Electrochemiluminescene nanobiosensors



Hamizah Hj Ibrahim (M1)

BSc: Biomedical Sciences (Universiti Brunei Darussalam)
Molecular profiling of cancer patient
(Under Dr Ya Chee/ PAPRSB)
Nur Areena Chin (M1)
BSc: University of Kent, UKResearch: In Silico and qPCR based microbial analysis
 Research Intern/Trainee (Under joint research/International collaboration):


Tang Liang Wei (Leonard)
from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

Research: Characterize novel nano nanocomposite



Students and Staffs || Undergraduate Students

Nur Arifah Hazirah
BSc: Chemistry (Universiti Brunei Darussalam)

Research: Nanostructured immunosensor


Wei Juen Liew (Joanne)
BSc: Chemistry (Universiti Brunei Darussalam)

Research: Nanostructure aptasensor

Laboratory Alumni (Since 2012)
Dr. Syazana Abdullah Lim (Currently in UTB, Brunei)
Dr. Sharmili Roy, (Currently in Stanford University, USA)
Dr. Mohammad Rizwan (Currently in Bangor University, UK)
Dr. Nur Thaqifah Salihan (Completed Ph.D.)
Dr.  Azureen Mohammad (Completed Ph.D.)
Hamadah Nur Lubis, (Completed M.Sc.)
Marianne Jill E Quilang, UST, The Philippines
Aqilah Antin, Brunei Darussalam
Amylea M Zulhilmi (University of Manchester, UK)
Muhd. Hazmi (4th Year Student, UBD)
Syazan Ayuni (Alexandria University)
Dk. Syazwani B Pg Hj Ismail (4th Year Student, UBD)
Jean Liew (Research Assistant, UBD)
Yuki Inoue (Visiting Ph.D. student, Osaka University, Japan)
Nur Nazurah Alizul (Research Assistant, UBD)
Yen Lu Wong (Research Assistant, UBD)
Nur Fajrini Binti Matjalina (Research Assistant, UBD)
M. Hazim Bin Abdul Gani (4th Year Student, UBD)
Adlan Mursyid (4th Year Student, UBD)
Neil K. Abraham (Visiting Student, Univ. of Skovde, Sweden)
Muhammad Afiq Bin Jaini (4th Year Student, UBD)
Hafizah Munirah (4th Year Student, UBD)
Sim Xiao Wei (4th year Student, UBD)
Ak. Muhammaddul Qawiy (UCSI Univ. Malaysia)
Aliah Abdullah (4th Year Student, UBD)
Nur Afina (4th Year Student, UBD)
Mohammad Naufal (4th Year Student, UBD)
Emma Munirah (4th Year Student, UBD)
Rashmina Musfiq Ziana (4th Year Student, UBD)
Aqirah Norizan, Research Intern/Trainee
Teo Hui Sian, Research Assistant
Vivian  Lee Bee Chin, Research Assistant
Nur Diyanah Matassan, Research Assistant

UBD Biosensors

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